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My Device Said "Please set GPS path first." Help! [Copy the Link]

Hi! I have just received this item. However, when I touch/press the "navi" icon I get the following message: "Please set GPS path first." There is no information in the manual where or how to set the path. I have tried everything, but no success. The item is useless to me unless it can be used as a GPS that provides directions from point "a" to point "b".

if i need to download first how can? in the item description already mentioned this Navigation software: Nanflash.

please help me.
The device does not come with GPS software, you need to install it by yourself.
"Nanflash" is no GPS software, you need iGO, TomTom or similar.
ok, where can i found that's software, could you please tell me ?

and could you please tell me, what the exact memorycard that this device use?

thank very much
oh my god.. anybody help could help me? i don't want make this device like a souvenir which just bought for diplay as defective item.
Download or buy Igo8.3 either 8.5 or any other navigating program which works under Windows CE5.0. Buy a flash card micro SD, a maximum 8ГБ. Insert a card in the navigator, connect to the computer. Copy on a card the navigating program. Come in the navigator and specify a way to Exe to a file of the navigating program. That's all. All works for me. Igo 8.5