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What comes after departure from outward office of exchange? [Copy the Link]

Hey everyone.
Just curious about what comes next on the tracking site after "Departure from outward office of exchange".
Are there many more steps after or is that the last one before it reaches the destination country?
Also, I'm assuming China Post is still being slow, so the 6~14 day delivery to Canada is to be disregarded?
How long have other orders been taking lately?
On the forums, there are a lot of people complaining, so I'm getting slightly worried.

Seems to be different from case to case. I had one order where "departure from outward office of exchange " was the last entry, while one time the tracking site finally said "final delivery" (but this was weeks after the package actually was delivered - useless).
And yes, CP mostly is dead slow...so I really would expect something between 2 and 4 weeks for delivery. I had times from 1 week to 5 1/2 weeks until now. But I received every order, so I don´t think you have to be worried. Waiting for a long time is the downside of ordering in chinese webshops...
Mmm, yeah, I don't mind waiting for a while, since I got what I ordered for so cheap.
It's just that there are soo many people complaining.
I guess they're just impatient?
For someone ordering in Canada like me, do you think it'd still be 2~4 weeks?

it means it is on its way to your country, from there on it takes as long as the local post office, and costoms needs.
Of course there are people complaining, but don´t forget that people who are happy with their package mostly will not post it here...

I really agree that shipping times should be shorter, but - it´s just the way it is. Some people expect top customer service, fast shipping and maybe a gift wrap and a bow on their package, but they only want to pay the cheapest price...
Expect 4 weeks and be happy if you get the package earlier. :-)

Oh, so after it arrives in the destination country, will the status change?

Yeah, thank you, I'll be expecting it at the start of May.
No status does not change if it arrived in your country, it only changes if its dilivered at your door and someone signed for it.