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About Focalprice's Hot Deals Section [Copy the Link]

So with this new section, some of you may be wondering what the purpose of it is, and who exactly this is for.

For drop-ship customers
The purpose of this forum is to showcase some of the bestselling items with good quality on FocalPrice. The bestselling part should be particularly interesting for those of you who drop ship or resell some of the items here, as this is particularly good for you since based off the sales reports on the site, the ones that are fairly popular get showcased there. So it will help you pick out what items to get and sell to your customers.

For regular customers
For regular customers like me, who may not be into drop shipping (yet!) this can be used to help you pick out items, since this also is to showcase the items that are of particularly good quality. Maybe you were looking between certain cellphones or any other item, you can check this forum to see which ones are being showcased to help narrow down your search a bit.

So keep your eyes open and watch out for items appearing here, it just may be what you need, or the next popular item for your store.

And we welcome you to post popular/fun/and your favorite deals in FP ^^
last editZevri edited on 2011-11-17 02:13:28

Well said! Thank you for the explanation!

This is very useful section and we can also share our experience of shopping! I{m not a dropshipping customer yet.. But for sure I will so this section will be extremely usefull! Thanks :D