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How to make good use of Focalprice points [Copy the Link]

OK, now we'll get to know more about FP points and learn how to make good use of it.

How many FP points do I have?
You'll see the record of gaining points after log in.

How can I exchange points into coupon?
Just click the "Exchange to coupon"

How much coupon can I get if exchange 100 FP points?
Please refer to:http://www.focalprice.com/My/Coupon/List

How can I get more Focal points to exchange coupon?
Firstly, you should register in Focalprice.com. Then you could get Focal points by the following methods. After that, you could exchange coupon with your points freely anytime.
1. Confirm Email address: 58 Points
You can get 58 point after you successfully verify your Email address. Please note that you can only get points for Email address verification once. No points for modified Email address verification.
Then you can exchange coupon by visiting My Points in My Account.
2. Writing reviews: 20 Points for each
Please note that you can get 20 points only after your review passes our customer service’s approval.
3. Posting images: 15 Points for each
Please note that you can get 15 points only after your image passes our customer service’s approval.
4. Purchasing products: 1 USD = (1-2.5) points with discrepancy for ID levels
Please note that you could get the points after you paid for your order. Points will be relevant to your order amount.
Notes: You can get the points within 24 hours after your review, image, invited friend information and other comments pass our confirmation. Generally, a member ID may only write one review per product or service. If you wish to update your review, please contact us. However, you can write a review for each item of you order!

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Sorry, the last one was deleted wrongly. So I post this new one.
last editCarolGarden edited on 2011-11-28 23:56:25

Good information :) Thank you for sharing.

When I first joined FP and got some points I exchange them without knowing what I was doing, the coupon is still there useless.
So be carefull before exchange your points,

Reply 3# dagob post

I think you may still use the coupon when necessary.

Thanks for the info!

Excellent tutorial


I hope more options come to spent the points :P
Maybe exchange for items.

I hope more options come to spent the points :P
Maybe exchange for items.
miguelmaciel published on 12/7/2011 3:42:05 PM
I suggest that option too!! :D

Reply 1# CarolGarden post

I have an ideia.
I think that will be a great option if customers can buy coupons.
For me, because the Customs taxes, i dont order products worth more than 22€.

So imagine if i buy a 20€ coupon. And i order a product worth 42€.
If i use the coupon, for the Customs i only pay 22€. (but i pay 42€ to FP, 22€ for the order + 20€ for the coupon).


thanx for this information!