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You can't buy this item!!! WHY? [Copy the Link]


I received lots of e-mails everyday, most of them asked me "Why I can't add this item to my cart?"

It's necessary to give a clear guidance about the item status now.

Category 1 =====> in stock

Please note the GREEN words--- in stock ---which means the item is really in stock, and you can put it into cart.

The "Add to Cart" button is orange, not grey.

Category 2=====> usually will be shipped within 48 hours

The "Add to Cart" is orange, not grey. So you can put it into your cart.

But the item is out of stock presently, and will be restocked soon.

Just allow 2 or more days, you order will be packed and shipped.

Category 3=====> out of stock

The "Add to Cart" is grey, you are not able to buy it.

Because it's out of stock, and we cannot restock it in a short time.

We stop customers buying it in case of any delay.

But, it's possible to restock it anyway, so you still can find this item on our site.

Category 4=====> Off sell

See the crying face?

The item is out of stock, and we are not able to restock.

Or, we decided to stop selling it.( Like Spy serious, coz PayPal forbid us to sell)

Please comment, I'll give more explanation.

last editSusan112 edited on 2011-11-30 00:12:22

Hey Susan, I can't see the pictures over my side. Just letting you know.

Hey Susan, I can't see the pictures over my side. Just letting you know.
Nickelless published on 11/30/2011 9:43:54 AM

Really? Can you see this site?

Maybe I should just upload the pics on our site?

Thanks for your help Susan!! Very useful post to clear our doubts!! But sometimes the search does not working properly and when you make the search appears the cying face!! ;)
last editnikitamjr edited on 2011-11-30 19:59:26

Reply 3# Susan112 post

Hello Susan,
It takes very long to load the website individually. I think that is why the images appear as broken links here. Maybe you should try posting on Photobucket/ImageShack or even FocalPrice itself. Other than that, this is a very informative thread.

I have an idea for this Out of Stock issue.. take a look at the picture below..

And did you realize that some items in Monthly Deals for Drop-Shipping Clients is out of Stock items?? Look at http://www.focalprice.com/My/Order/DropShip/Introduce and http://www.focalprice.com/CP112R/Pair_of_Christmas_Santa_Claus_Stuffed_Plush_Toy_Speakers.html

This out of stock issues somehow made me crazy too..
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Right Susan!! thank you very much

I hate the crying face! >_>

Reply 1# Susan112 post

Hello Susan,

Attention the images disappeared!


Same over here. :D