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Jordan Weisman is making a new Shadowrun game [Copy the Link]


Source: http://goo.gl/bFJG3

I don't know how many of your would be interested in this, but the news of this has me rather happy. If you don't know how Jordan Weisman is, he is the guy who created the Shadowrun world, which started as a pen and paper game. From there the game spawned a game on the SNES and Genesis consoles, which are the ones I grew up playing and love. Later on however after the licensing changed hands, the game made a rather crappy rendition of the world in the form of a shooter.

If you never played shadow run it is set in a world that mixes magic, cybernetics, and a bit of fantasy. It is a combo that works fairly well and the games have their own dedicated fan base that has been waiting for something like this, which if you couldn't already tell, I am one of them. One the console version of the game, you were able to recruit your party members and complete the story at your leisure, meaning you could go where you wanted when you wanted. How you progressed was up to you, along with what side quests you did and how your character developed. For it's time it was an amazing game, and still a great game from today's standards.

Now how are they doing this? Well, seeing the success double fine has had with the Kickstart program, they decided to try their luck at that as well. Kickstart is a program meant to help starters get the funding they need for whatever project they're working on. They plead their case to the masses, and each individual decides if they want to backup that cause. Usually though for each milestone that someone gives, there are different incentives, this is no different. For instance if you donate up to $15 you will get a DRM-Free digital copy of the game with a wallpaper. That goes up to $10,000 were Jordan will actually come to your home town and host a Shadowrun game with you and your friends. Now for me, that is too rich for my blood, so I will probably stick to the $15 range. But if any of you are into the Shadowrun world, I highly recommend supporting it so we can see a true remake of the games. They've already received over half of their goal, but every bit helps. So let's hope they hit their goal so we can see a remake of a great RPG.
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Man, this is great news.
I love the Shadowrun universe. And the SNES game is just unforgettable to me. Thanks to this game I made the transition from pen and paper rpgs to video rpgs.

I also liked to play the latest one (the shooter) on PC. It had cross platform play and it was so nice to humiliate the xbox players

Some even better news is that today they got enough backers to fund the game, and they're hoping to get more so they can add more. In the update video, Jordan even mentioned things like Co-op or Pvp death matches, which the co-op part interested me the most.

woooooow i need it so much

Same, I am really debating about if I should get the Steam or DRM-Free version of it. Steam, I would need to wait to be able to pre-order; DRM-Free I could get for just backing up the game now. (Well as a sort of pre-order)

I rmember (very faintly) having this on the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis)...
It was to difficult (and dull) for me to play, since I was about eight back then...

I heard good things about this game (especially on the SNES) though, and I hope they won't ruin it in the remake/sequel like they did with some other great titles lately (Golden Axe: Beast Riders, Final Fight: Streetwise, Turok, Sonic etc)...
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I have high hopes for it, the remake is being lead by the guy who made Shadowrun and who worked on the original games. The funding is to let them do what they want with it, and not be restricted by the small mindedness of publishers.

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