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[Guide] How to track your order [Copy the Link]

So you've made your order on Focalprice, but how do you actually track it and what does the different statuses mean?
Checking out your Orders

To check out your orders and what stage they may be go to My Account -> Focal Order List, or just click here. This is where you will see your past and present orders and if they've been shipped or not. It will look something like this:

The first number, which is your Order No. will be what the customer service will need in case you have any questions pertaining to it. So be sure to remember that number. You should already know what the amount you paid and how you paid it, so we will skip that. The Status is what we're looking at now though. The status will tell you what stage you're package is in. Whether it be paid and unpacked to shipped. One thing to note, if your order is under the Paid & Unpacked status, you do still have time to cancel the order, or even message FocalPrice through My Messages to change who they ship by, such as if you prefer to use Hongkong Post over China Post (which a lot of us do.) . Don't worry if your package is Paid & Unpacked, usually packages are sent out within 48 hours (on work days), but they can take a little longer if the item is out of stock, so it gives them a little time to get the item in stock and ready to ship. If it takes longer than four days, I would contact the staff to see what is up with the package.

If your order is marked as All Shipped like the one above, then you're set! Well, that is unless you either paid for a tracking number, or your order was over $20 and comes with a tracking number. If it does then keep reading.

Find and use your tracking number

Okay, so your order is over $20 or you paid the extra small fee to get the tracking number, and you're curious to where they hid it, right? Well, it actually isn't hidden and quite easy to find. Remember that picture I had you look at before? Notice how the Order No. is blue/underlined to signify that it is a clickable link? Well, in your order list they are, and they take you to several options which you can see below.

As you can see you see some of the information you saw in the previous picture, plus what the items added to the card were, and an extra tidbit of information on the bottom left. Yep, that is the tracking information for the package.  The top is the tracking number. Now since the main two ways for packages to be shipped through Focalprice are HongKong Post and China Post, you can usually tell who it is by the last two letters. If it is CN, it's China Post. If it's HK, it's HongKong Post.  That will give you an indication on who your package is shipped with, if you haven't specified a specific currier.

The link under the tracking number is the official tracking site for the postal carrier, I don't recommend using that. The official sites, especially China Post can be a bit of a pain, since when they're under heavy traffic they tend to give errors, and it requires a captcha to try to get your tracking information.  For tracking I actually recommend a third party site called PackageTrackr; it supports a lot of curriers and is a lot easier to use. To make matters a bit better, you can also see on a map where your package was last scanned, so you can get a general idea of how far away it is. Plus it is a lot easier to spam F5 like a maniac in hopes that it speeds up the process of it getting to you. :P

If you have any questions, leave them below.

What kind of garbage is this? Every site i try says that my tracking number is not valid! Read all the posts in the forum and people ar crying there.

If the official tracking doesn't work, then you may need to wait or if it is past 30 days shipped and you didn't get your item, then file for an RMA. When the tracking number doesn't work it usually means someone at the postal company didn't scan the package like they were suppose to, which would have updated the location.

Don't forget to file a Paypal dispute before 45 CALENDAR days are up from the moment you made your purchase. FP makes a habit of trying to get you to avoid opening a Paypal dispute, so if you paid with Paypal don't forget that avenue!

Also - if the tracking number doesn't work it usually means your package has not even shipped yet. FP claimed to ship my last package on April 1, but when it finally arrived the post mark clearly showed it was posted April 28.

Do not believe everything FP and it's staff tells you!

I can't even get a tracking number at all...in fact, there is no record of my order, although they wasted no time in ripping my off thru Paypal!

Reply 3# Zevri post

So, Zevri, where is my order?!  I have, and can get no, tracking number.  Only and order #, transaction # from Payapl, and evidence that my acct has been ripped off $134.26, which includes the $20 for express shipping...and NO Christmas gifts for my two little kids!!!!  FP is terrible, and I will waste NO time in spreading that word!

RB224737135CN is my tracking number, where the hell is my order. ive been messaging you everyday

RB224737135CN is my tracking number, where the hell is my order. ive been messaging you everyday
MobinL published on 2/14/2013 4:46:36 AM
I got the same problem.

I got the same problem than MobinL

the tracking information is not very accurate~