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I'm getting a weird message in when tracking through EMS [Copy the Link]

So my Sanei N78 tablet shipped out today and I ordered it last night. I shipped it through EMS so it's airmail. Everytime I enter the tracking number though, it says "

No tracking information for the shipment, or overdue tracking.

" Does anyone know what this means? Should I wait a few days?


Don't worry,it seems to be normal these days.It's too early for tracking.  Wait a couple more days and information must be available then.

Oh and now I just realized that the tracking number won't even fit when I put it in the EMS site. My tracking number is "CUE130117CHI000020" but when I try to type it in, it comes out like this: "CUE130117CHI0". I'm starting to think there was a mistake. How can I track my tablet?

I think the tracking is invalid  I recomend send message to
forum_service@focalprice.com or Private
message to Haixia_wu, In this forums only
have a buyers, In this forums no have a
staff from focalprice.