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Creative T shirt designs collection for the 5th anniversary [Copy the Link]

Hi everyone!
Thanks for your continuous support, FocalPrice has gonethrough five years smoothly and successfully! In order to mark this specialyear and commemorate the time we spent together, we are now launching acampaign called ‘CreativeT-shirt designs collection for the 5th anniversary of FocalPrice’.If you are a guy with creative imagination, please do not hesitate to shareyour ideas with us!

Instructions:lAs a participant, you can make your own imagination todesign a T-shirt for FocalPrice.

lYoucan use any drawing tools (Photoshop, CorelDraw etc.) to create this designedT-shirt as you prefer, or you can draw your concept on a piece of paper insteadif you are not good at  managing suchdrawing tools. Then please upload the picture tohttps://www.facebook.com/FocalPricecom?filter=2 orreply us on our forum.

lWe prefer the T-shirt you designed include both front andback sides.

lWe will be much appreciated if you add focalprice.com orfocalprice logo into your design.

lTo befair to other customers and keep the posts neat, one person share only one picturedaily.

Valid date:10-May-2013 to 10-June-2013

All winners can get the T-shirt they designed by themselves! If you are a winner inthis game, we will customize you design for you and deliver it to your home forFREE. In addition, we will reward you different amounts of cash vouchers asfollows.
1, Firstprize*1: The big winner will get $20 cash vouchersof FocalPrice.
2,Second prize*2: Each winner will get $10 cash vouchers ofFocalPrice.
3, Thirdprize*4: Each winner will get $5 cash vouchers ofFocalPrice.

By using cash vouchers of FocalPrice,winners can buy any products theylike on Focalprice.com. We provide delivery FREE as well!Time is limited! What are you hesitating?Come on and show your imaginations!

P.S If you need to use free album, we recommend you Photobucket orImgur.
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The system broke down yesterday, so we almost lost this wonderful design. Apologize to sinatbuy!

It's ok, hope u like it

It's a great design of T shirts which you offering at the 5th anniversary.

Tnx m8, if i had more time it would be better... Have a nice day..

@CarolGarden How did you get that lightbox?

(click for full image)
(click here for full image)

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When will winners be announced? :)

On this page was information which was not fun for store personnel.
I am very sorry ....
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Because focalprice not give me my prize?? compliance with all requirements of the contest ... was the one who got more like ... however I'm still waiting for an answer ... someone accountable ... so little serious are "focalprice"?? everything is a F-r-a-u-d? all you will do the same or only against me??

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