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Sweden posten problems [Copy the Link]

Lately i have placed two orders which where shipped via Sweden posten, tracking number RE627970481SE shipped on 6-8-2013 and tracking number
RE630582561SE shipped on 12-8-2013, well the first tracking number does not show up when i try to track it via 17track.net even though it was shipped a week ago. I did i little search and found out that Sweden posten has MAJOR problems with delivering and transporting parcels, customers say that they never got their orders, so my question is: since there are so many problems with sweden posten then why focalprice ships our orders (money) via sweden posten? I live in greece a country which is part of the european union, so there are no borders or customs declaration in  these transactions? Meaning my orders wont be stopped by customs for inspection(opening), is that true? Is anyone else having a sweden posten tracking number? Has anyone got his order which was shipped via sweden posten? And in how many days? Thank you!

After checking,  RE627970481SE  is updated online, http://www.17track.net/en/result/post.shtml?nums=RE627970481SE, please don't worry. For RE630582561SE, please kindly check after 3-5 working days. Please don't worry, if the package indeed lost, we won't let you bare the loss. :)

Reply 1# kawaz750 post

Hi,I recently queried this and put a post here:

I do see lots of complaints on the web but I followed thru on some of them by using the tracking number they supplied and found that they arrived quickly e.g. 9 days to France was one.
I can only tracking mine on the directlink tracking site but not yet on 17tracker but I'm not as worried as I was at first when I saw number with xxxxxxSE.

Below is the information l have recieved for my parcels. Can some one please explain what this means as l am the customer yet l have not collected this item or does this mean it is still in transit

Destination Country - New Zealand:Tracking Consuming:2730 Millisecond
Origin Country - Sweden:Tracking Consuming:0 Millisecond, Cache Time:2013/11/02 17:04:13
11/1/2013 8:30 AM, Sweden Post, Direct Link, Singapore, The item is collected from customer
11/1/2013 7:22 AM, Sweden Post, Direct Link, Singapore, The item has been dispatched from Sweden Post, Direct Link's international terminal for onward transport abroad

Reply 3# Nomic post

Thanks for your kind feedback.

Reply 4# souljah post

It is still in transit and need time to be delivered.

The post has been hidden.

Destination Country - Spain:Tracking Consuming:1030 Millisecond
Origin Country - Sweden:Tracking Consuming:0 Millisecond, Cache Time:2014/02/05 13:22:59
2014-01-11 19:55, Local mail tracking
2013-12-27 10:00, Order departed on flight from origin
2013-12-26 18:00, Order dispatched
2013-12-19 18:00, Order Shipment recorded
Power by www.17track.net

Today I have not received my package!!

Please solution for my lost package.

I have opened a RMA but do not address me and spend the days ...

Solution to my problem already!

Reply 8# gusbass post

"local mail tracking" means that your order is going to "HWDC" heathrow world distribution centre and then a logistics company from germany named "GLS" will transport via "road" your parcel to your country, then a local courier company will deliver it to you. This is if you are lucky, if not....you will never receive it. Claim your money via paypal.

Reply 3# Nomic post

Well nomic, dont be so smart, try tracking this :RE627156918SE this is an order i placed on november-2013, never got the package!!! And if you like i have many other tracking  numbers like this one, still in transport "local mail tracking". So start to worry my friend, i have a 150 orders experience with this site, the best way to ship orders is via swiss post "RXxxxxxxxxxCH".