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Notification of “Sold Out” products [Copy the Link]


Dear Customers,

You may have noticed that many products listing in our website marked “Sold Out”. We’d like to explain the reasons here for your information.

1. Products are unable to be restocked during Chinese New Year holiday (Jan. 29 – Feb. 7, 2014 PST). Most companies, including our company and manufactures will not work during this period. Some manufactures even will stop working since from Jan. 25. So no more products can be restocked during the holiday.

2. Customer shopping experience oriented. Our company has stocked up plenty of inventories for most items for this holiday. However, once the stocked inventories are sold out, the SKU will automatically be updated to “Sold Out” status. We don’t want to keep our customers waiting for a long time for ordered items, so we put no stock item at "Sold Out" status that can't be ordered.

We understood it’s frustrating that found an interesting item but can’t order. We’re really sorry for this. You’re welcome to order the “Sold Out” item(s) you like after Feb. 8, 2014. We’ll ship it out to you in a short time by then.

Chinese New Year holiday is near; we soon will have a happy holiday. We also hope our customers will happy during this period. So we prepared stocks, arranged some staffs on duty. Apparently what we did is not enough, welcome any suggestion, we will keep on improving to be better.

Thank you.

Happy New Year to you all too.

Best Regards
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           Chinese New Year holiday is near; we soon will have a happy holiday. We also hope our customers will happy during this period. So we prepared stocks, arranged some stuffs on duty. Surely what we did is not enough, welcome any suggestion, we will keep on improving better.

¿alguien puede decirme donde puedo resolver una duda sobre un pedido realizado?

Reply 3# cristydejerez post
Hi cristydejerez, please contact our Customer Service Representatives via below ways, they will help you on order issue

For parcel status tracking,please contact us via MyMessage (Login - My Account – My Messages – Submit).

For not receiving order afterestimated arrival time, or have product problem after you received the order,please contact us via RMA(Login - My Account – RMA Requests – Submit).

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Hi how I can solve my problem I order without registration made many but this one did not get: Paypal, Invoice ID: 784911, Transaction ID: 3A699208S6441031U, I ordered on November 16 but does not, I've been in contact with you by my messages but does not leave me for not having tracking number, but if done through chat and through e livehelp@focalprice.com even I have commanded you personally Haixia_wu one, but nothing I do not receive a response from anyone and do not I do more exhausted all possible avenues to get in touch with you I think that should give me an answer, but regrettably fails to ask in your page.
Hope you can help me.

What would be interesting is to know the number of items remaining in stock (this avoids ordering more than it's currently in stock). Is it possible to specify in the ads the number of items in stock ?

С Наступающим новым годом Вас

Reply 5# franzamora post

Hi franzamora, sorry that if you placed order without registration or login, you can't trace your order in your account.

I checked your order per the invoice ID you provided. Your order was shipped out on Nov. 18, and was delivered on Dec. 17.
The tracking number of your order is RE627008168SE. You can track the status in below website. If you didn't receive it, please check if your families, or neighbors, or building officials have signed it for you, or check with local post office who signed the parcel for you. Kindly please have a check, as the post tracking website indicates the order was delivered. If you still can't find the parcel, please contact us again. Thanks.

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Reply 6# Bublestars post

Hi Bublestars, thank you for your attention. It's a good idea.

However, as the remaining stock is changing every minute, we're unable to show a realistic inventory quantity for every SKU.  Even we show a number, it might be not accurate.
But please note that if the SKU status is not mark with "Sold Out", you can place order for it. And please kindly note our work arrangements for this holiday here http://dynamic.focalprice.com/helpinfo?currentCategoryID=16#182

Sorry for any inconvenience.
We wish you happy everyday
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Reply 7# ser058304 post

Hi ser058304, thank you so much

Happy New Year to you too
С Новым годом вас слишком

Wish you have a lot of money and happiness in 2014, the year of horse.

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