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The Winner of the Valentine's Day Activity [Copy the Link]

Dear all customers,

Thanks very much for all the customers enormously enthusiastically participating in our activity for sharing your happy photos and sweet love words, as well as greatly appreciating for all your support to FocalPrice.
Now it's time to fulfill our promise, to reward you a 5% coupon (coupon added to your account, it expires on Mar. 20, 2014) and send the prize(a $35 headphone) to the winner who share love card on the thread "Make a unique love card to touch her/him on Valentine's Day".

Now, I am happy to announce that, winner is denco, he won the prize. Let's congratulate denco. Thank you denco, thanks for sharing your card with us. You make us warm and delivery us belief to believe true love.

We have sent an email to your account email address for your delivery address, once received your reply, we will ship the prize to you. Hope you'll like it!  And wish it will bring luck for your lovers!
Wish all the lovers' life with happiness and sweetness. And all lovers can be together and happy forever.
Share Denco's love card here:

last editVincci edited on 2014-02-20 00:06:59

Congratulations!  Denco, wish you lovers love forever and both grow stronger each day!