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Problems with my S7189 phone [Copy the Link]

   I sent you one email to your livehelp email address two days ago but I got no answer. Message I sent you was:


   I have problems with my phone. Its screen suddenly stop showing images
ok. It is impossible to know what screen is showing.  You can see details
of order in email I am answering now (order FPGX548750UI)

What can I do?


Reply 1# mrlooper post

Sorry for the inconvenience and please rest assured that we will solve your problem.

In order to solve your problem better, we need you to provide us more information.

We send a email to your mail box, please check it and respond to us. We will solve your problem as soon as possible.  

Have a nice day!

Yes, you sent one mail, I checked and aswered it but your only answer was to offer one $20 coupon for to buy in your shop.

I got my $150 phone broken in less than six months and your solution is to offer a coupon? Is it a joke? Do you think it is a solution?

Reply 3# mrlooper post

HI, Cell phone, Camera, MP3/MP4/MP5,Game Console,Lasers,GPS and Computer are covered by a 3 months warranty for replacement and 6 months warranty for repair as of delivery date . Delivery date here means the shipping date which you can find from your "Order List". And i noticed  that you placed this order on Sep 5. But as you are our VIP customer, we can offer you a solution this time. Please check your email box.
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