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No update on my RMA request for months [Copy the Link]

I have an RMA # RMA1308300051 and trying to follow up with focalprice for past few months, however there is no reply for months. Below are the date stamps when I posted my messages and got the reply:

You replied this message at 11/21/2013 10:27:23
You replied this message at 12/5/2013 22:21:12
You replied this message at 1/16/2014 09:40:48
Kobe.Jiao replied this message at 1/26/2014 01:51:30
You replied this message at 2/9/2014 00:37:22

It clearly shows that since November 21 there is only one reply which was posted even without reading my message properly.

I think I have made a mistake by placing an order at focalprice and now I understand why people refrain from Chinese websites. There is no help provided to me at all even by the livehelp email address and livechat. At Live help I discussed with Vincent and he assured me twice that I will get a reply within 24 hours, but it has been more than 10 days since my last chat.

I wont recommend this website to anyone who is purchasing from abroad as you will not get proper service from them... they will just sell and forget.



Reply 1# manishkmanish post

hi, i notice that the RMA team has resent a phone to you, dear.

Below is the tracking information for your reference:
View Official Data
Normal Tracking
Not Found
2013-11-06 16:34, INDIA, The item has been sorted at the international terminal in the destination country for onward transport in the destination countryTransporting

The tracking information shows it has reached to your country on Nov 6 and for some reason, it is delayed in transit and would you kindly please contact your local post and check the problem?

As I have mentioned in the comments in the RMA, the Indian post could not contact me for delivery and sent the package back to a Sweden address. I specifically gave an address and phone number and the phone number was not mentioned on the shipment.

I am suggesting that you should check at your warehouse as they would have received the shipment back.

I tried everything I could in India however by the time I was able to trace the package, it was already back to Sweden.
I tried to attach the picture of the email thread and a pdf file of the email thread but both did not work. Please let me know the email Id where I can send the same, if you are interested to know the tracking details.
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Reply 3# manishkmanish post

In this case, it must be delayed in transit  and shall we offer you resend it to you or issue a refund to your account?

However, if you receive the *** package later, please kindly refuse it, inform us to cancel the coupon or repay the money to us at our PayPal account:focalprice@gmail.com.

Your understanding will be appreciated and we’re looking forward to hear from you A.S.A.P.

I can see the Item is out of stock, and I dont want to wait for next few months, I will be happy to get the refund. I paid around GBP 115.34 ( GBP 81.34 + GBP 34.00), and look forward for the entire refund, I will be more than happy to send the non working phone back to you guys if you want.

Please let me know if I am not clear and also what is needed from my side.
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Reply 5# manishkmanish post

Pleaseallow 1-3 days to process the refund and then check your account and confirm itin time.

Shouldyou have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Have a nice day!