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Solutions to common problems of mobile phone [Copy the Link]


1. Battery notcharging

Pleasecheck first if the phone or the battery charger is connected properly? Second,check if battery electrode and cell phone charging jack is clean and dry? Afterchecking, re-plug the charger and try again.

2. Why I cannot turn on my cell phone?

Thereare two situations may cause the problem. First, the initialization operationtime for new phone (or after the upgrade, restore the factory settings) will belonger, there may be mistakenly considered the phone does not boot, just waitlonger, it will be OK soon. Second, it may be due to the excessive discharge ofthe battery. Please remove the battery, connect the phone with the charger directlyto see whether it boot, if yes, installed the battery and charge more than 30minutes, the problem will be resolved.

3. Installed some unstable software,causing the phone to restart or automatic shutdown; mobile phone when subjectedto vibration, loose battery (cell phone battery removable) may also cause thephone to automatically shut down or reboot.

Smartphones like computers, there is a complex operating system, installed somethird-party software on the phone may cause the phone to reboot or crashprobability. Please restore factory settings or uninstall incompatible with thephone's software to solve the problem.  

4. Cell phone standby time is too short

1) Fullycharged the phone when outdoors; turn on the phone's power-saving mode.

2)When not in use WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, or data services, turned off the correspondingfunctions.

3)  Close the unused software in order to savepower consumption. Steps: Go to Settings -> Applications -> Runningservices -> select the appropriate program -> closes.

5. The phone doesn’t ring, no soundwhen play the music.

Pleasekindly make sure the following details:

a)    If the phone is the silence model.

b)    If there is something cover the handset ofthe phone.

c)    The voice of player is closed.

6. Phone does not recognize the SIMcard

Pleasetest by yourself as follows:

a)    If the phone support the SIM card you use.

b)    If the SIM card insert properly.

c)    If the metal part of the SIM card is sink orupwards, if it is, please try to use eraser to wipe it until it is flattening.

d)    If the card slot is loose, try to make itfasten.

e)    Chang to another SIM card to see if itworks.

Ifall be done while still doesn’t work, please kindly send a RMA request to us.

7. How to remove pre-installed apps?

Ifyou want to remove pre-installed carrier bloatware / apps that came with thephone which were installed by the carrier, such as games, sound hound, then youwould need to root your phone. Please remember that rooting your phone deactivateyour warrantee, however there are also positives to doing so (like the removalof pre-installed apps).

8. My screen doesn’t turn back onproperly after a call. Is this a hardware problem?

Possibly,during a call, a small proximity sensor on the phone turns the screen off tostop you pressing buttons on the phone with your cheek or ear. Once you havefinished a call, move the phone away from your face until the screen comes backon. It will probably take about a moment. Then you can hang up and continueusing the phone. It can cause problems if you try to use the screen before ithas fully reactivated.

Ifthis still doesn’t work, it’s possible that something is blocking the proximitysensor. As mentioned earlier, make sure your case isn’t covering it, and if youare using a screen protector make sure it has a hole in that region or it couldinterfere with the sensor.

Ifyou still have problems after this it could be a hardware problem, or asoftware issue of some kind. Contact our CS for help.

9. Do I need to replace my battery, andif so how often?

Lithiumion batteries have a lifespan of somewhere about 400 cycles before they startto become less effective. What that means is that after a year or so, you may wantto replace the battery, as it will start to hold less charge.

10. Should I always fully charge and dischargemy battery?

LithiumIon cells don’t suffer from the memory effect. You needn’t to fully charge anddischarge your battery all the time, you can charge it whenever you want byhowever much you want, although most people find it convenient just to plug itin overnight and let it charge up. It is, however, recommended to fullydischarge then fully charge the battery about once every month. This is becausethe 'smart' circuit inside the battery that measures the voltage and reportshow much charge you have left can drift over time and doing this helps to resetit to give you a more accurate reading of the battery capacity.

Ifyour phone battery gets so low the phone shuts itself down, do not switch itback on again. Lithium Ion batteries don't like being fully discharged and itwill lower the life span of the unit. If the phone switches itself off due to alow battery, just wait till you can plug it in. The chances are even if you doturn it on it'll shut itself off again before fully starting up.

11. My phone doesn't charge to 100% ifI leave it overnight. Is something wrong with it?

No.The phone does in fact charge to 100%, but you cannot trickle charge a Li-Ionbattery, so when the battery is at 100% the battery stops charging. The batterywill then drain as the phone uses power until it gets to a predetermined level(set by the manufacturer), it is usually approx. 90-96%, when the charger willkick in again and top it back up to 100%. The easiest way to overcome this isto switch off your 3G/4G, WiFi, and other power intensive systems overnight,which will leave your battery with a good 98-100% charge by the morning.Alternatively, if you switch the charger off and on again, it will charge itback to 100%.