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The vendee of Android-phone Auction and to be continued [Copy the Link]


Dear customers,

Android-phone Auction has ended. Thanks for all the customers actively participating the auction.

Congratulations, marcioterra! You bid the item at the price $136(Please check your e-mail for the detail)

To thanks for all the participants involved in this activity, we also would like to reverse you 5 dollars but with a

small request as follows:

Activity period:  2014-03-06 22:00pm ~ 2014-03-09 22:00pm (PST)

How to get the 5$ offer:

1. Place this item within activity time

2. Write Products review + upload to www.YouTube.com when received.

3. 5 dollars will be refunded to you then.

(For more detail, we will send to your account E-mail.)

Appreciate again for all your support to focalprice.com.

Have a nice day!

Best regards,



this auction is not valid it says Starting Bid:$1

Bid Increment: $5
so first bid was by member named info27 5$ --- not valid it should be 6$ 1+5=6 because starting bid is 1$ next is 5$ higher because it says Bid Increment: $5 next should be 6+5=11 so first bid not valid ,second $30 nn  not valid ,next 35.00$  not valid,next I offer 50 dollars not valid,until my bid of 6$ so there was only my bid valid because it was by the rules you took some bid from your friend or somebody close for 136$ ,why?! it was not highest bid
There was ex:doni7777 bidding 150$ and others higher so wtf,there was no limit so this was obviously Scam or Fraud...because only my bid was valid...6$ because there was never higher bid of 11$ after mine bid!

you write rules and then break it and make some winner...it says bid increment 5$ which means add 5 $ to previous bid...there is no limit so this is stupid...that why you are not like ebay, you make to many errors...

Reply 3# mikloncaric post

Hi, dear mikloncaric, the vendee bid the item at price 136$, it is valid for our rules, and the other price above 139$, I think maybe our customers played  a joke with us,after all, the last bidding price cannot be higher than our website, customers also will not accept this price, right? So hope you could  kindly understand. Thanks.

everything is said you make rules you brake rules and make new unwritten rules so yes vendee bid is what you tell it is...

Reply 5# mikloncaric post

Your kind understanding will be greatly appreciated.