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How To Restore A Tablet And iPad [Copy the Link]


Tablets can run into all sorts of software problems over the course of their lifetime. They can start booting up slowly or hanging, hiccuping when starting or switching between apps, or having mismatched keyboard letters. A good step for troubleshooting a wide variety of issues is to try restoring. This will bring the software on the device back to the *** factory settings as if it was right out of the box and will usually clear up a lot of strange behavior.

Restoring a tablet is also a critical step if you’re selling, gifting, or otherwise relinquishing ownership of your current tablet. It may have a lot of personal data after months and years of use. Protect yourself by deleting all of that personal information before handing it over to someone else.

Restore with Back Up:

Android Tablets and iPad handle this process very similarly. Before starting be sure to:

  • Connect to a home Wi-Fi network.
  • Back Up Your Data. If you are able to back up your data, you can restore many of your settings and files as a part of the process so that you don’t need to set everything up manually again.
  • Plug It In to ensure no interruptions due to low power.

Restoring an Android Tablet:

If you log into your Google account, you can select data back up as a part of the process. Simply go to Settings -> Personal -> Backup & reset to get started. Be sure that "Back up my data" is checked and that the correct backup account is listed. Make sure that "Automatic restore" is also selected if you would like your backed up data to be downloaded back onto the tablet after the restore. Hit "Factory data reset" to be on your way.

Restoring an iPad:

With an iPad, you have the option of restoring from a backed up copy of your data either using iCloud or iTunes. Either service will work equally well, it just depends on your personal preference. If using iTunes, you’ll need to connect the device to the computer that you use to sync. If using iCloud, be sure that you have a stable Wi-Fi connection before beginning.

If using iTunes, open up iTunes and navigate to the File -> Devices -> Restore from Back up.

When using iCloud go to the iPad’s Settings Menu and select General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings.  You will be prompted to Restore from iCloud Backup and for your Apple ID upon restart.

Restore Without Back Up

It is possible to restore your device using a similar method without data back up. This is recommended if you plan to sell, trade in, or give away your tablet so that the next user doesn’t have access to any of your data. When using Best Buy’s trade in program, keep in mind that you are responsible for removing any data from your device before bringing it in for evaluation.

On Android, follow the steps above, but make sure that Automatic Restore is not selected so that your data is not downloaded back onto the device after the restore. Similarly with the iPad once you Erase All Content and Settings, choose “Set Up as New” instead of “Restore from iCloud Backup."


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iTunes Backup and Restore problem

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