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How to choose the size of mobile phone? [Copy the Link]


Do you want to buy a new phone?  

How to choose a phone from the increasingly growing phoneswith different size?

Well, they said, look at how long your thumb is first. It is the best ideal when touch the screen effortless with your thumb in single hand.

Everyone using has different feelings even if in large screen. Generally speaking, men's thumb in 7 centimeters in length, almost effortlessly reach into every corner of the 4 inch screen but only covers the screen in 6.4 inch screen in 1/3. But if itis Yao Ming, obviously he can easily operate a large screen mobile phone suchas Sony Xperia Ultra.

So when purchasing a mobile phone, as pictured above the general single handset, the thumb as the wiper as on the screen for arc operation, have a look at your thumb to see what location you can touch on the screen, basically more than 2/3 screen, even if it is more comfortable. Of course, besides screen, you may also need to consider mobile phone quality, weight, thickness and so on; these are also the key factors of a mobile phone if it is comfortable.

In a word, although it is a trend to have a big screen, if the choice is not suitable fortheir size, it is harmful to the finger joints, muscle part or very easy tohave a bad impact on health. Hopefully that the mobile phone manufacturersraise more ergonomic design, balanced, and not just focus on "covered hisface", also taking into account the user's fingers and the palm of health.

last editVincci edited on 2014-03-28 03:45:46

I hope the Xiaomi hongmi 1s takes this into consideration as I am thinking of buying

Yeah, the thumb rule is surely the most imp rule for any mobile phone.
last editrohit176 edited on 2015-11-28 14:20:00

Yes, I am planning to buy a Xiaomi phone and hope it will good for me. Also ordered a LCD from "cellparts(dot)cn". and hope it will come very soon and i will repair my phone.