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Can you do princess a favor? [Copy the Link]


The lovely princess lost her gold ball, it's a birthday gift from the King. Could you help to find it, prince?

Prize: A product.

How to get prize?
1. Find the ball.
    The ball is on a product detail page, the prize product. Find the product, you find the ball. And chance to get that product free
2. Reply this thread.
    If you found the ball, reply this thread with the product URL.
3. 10 winners.
   The first 10 repliers with correct answer can get that product free.

Clues for the product:
1. It makes your hands free when answer calls. You normally wear it on the ears.
2. It's in a category start with "C", and sub-category start with "B".
3. Product name on our website is start with "H".

Go to find the gold ball now>>

This activity closed. The princess got her gold ball back : )
last editVincci edited on 2014-04-18 01:21:59

Reply 2# AndrezSK post

Dear AndrezSK, congratulations. You found the gold ball. You are the frog prince.

We sent you an email for your shipping address. Please check and reply.

We will send you the bluetooth next week.

Have a nice day.

Reply 1# Vincci post

3. 10 winners.
The first 10 repliers with correct answer can get that product free.

Hi Vincci!
Sorry but, all time we have only one variant for answer.
How do it about 10 members answering? We not have possibility for choose other variant.
This game for only one user.
I disapointed.

Reply 4# Alex_UA post

Hi Alex, yes, there is only one gold ball on one product. If you found it, just post reply with the product name or URL is fine.

I didn't understand why nobody answer after AndrezSK. I thought nobody interested in this kind of game.

As there is only one product with the gold ball, so everyone can answer the same. I'm sorry if I mislead you some way.


Reply 5# Vincci post

Yes, it was mislead  for all members forum.
Good Luck in the future!

Reply 6# Alex_UA post

Thank you Alex. Thank you for reminding me that.

We will aware of this in coming games.