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Item Cancellation [Copy the Link]

I recently purchased one item which if possible would like to be updated on? FPTZFSTAXY25 As it hasn't arrived?
Also i have two other orders which are unpaid and unwanted and i keep getting emails about them? How do i cancel these? FPTZFSOMP9CJ  and FPTZFSE95NDZ

Reply 1# lizzie1992 post

hi, lizzie1992, please rest assured that I have cancelled these two unpaid orders FPTZFSOMP9CJ and FPTZFSE95NDZ for you.

As for the order FPTZFSTAXY25, after checking, i am sorry i find there is a stock shortage for the item CE0292B  and it will be restocked within 7 days. Would you kindly please wait for 3- 7 days or do you have any other option to replace it? Sorry for the inconvenience caused here.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Have a nice day!

Hey, thank you for cancelling the items!

Does that mean 3-7 days for them to be restocked or delivered to me? How long would it take for them to get to me as i need them for an art exhibition on the 8th June?


Reply 3# lizzie1992 post

hi, lizzie1992, it will be restocked within 3- 7days and it normally takes 7 business days (not include the weekends) for the order to be delivered to your address. Since you need it urgently, would you kindly please choose another product to replace it? We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused here.

I have now recieved a text of DHL saying that i owe £24 for delivery, this was not mentioned when i purchased the items?

Reply 5# lizzie1992 post

hi, lizzie1992, it must be customs duties.

Focalprice.com sends products from Hong Kong which is a free port. Because there is no sale tax by imposed by Hong Kong government, customers will not pay any tax when shopping from us generally.

As per our data, only less than 1% of the package was opened and checked by customs of destination country. Customers are responsible to pay for the taxes if import taxes are charged.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Have a nice day!