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Haixia_wu FOCALPRICE [Copy the Link]

for order FPTZFKYCBZ1L is RS194128876NL
last editeniobravo edited on 2015-02-07 12:57:38

Reply 1# eniobravo post

hi, eniobravo, regarding your orders FPTZFKZIFS3Q, FPTZFK8F5LO1, FPTZFKPR50TG , FPTZFKYCBZ1L and FPTZFKP5F59Z, these orders have already been shipped out on Dec 23, 29, 30, 31 and Jan 3 respectively. It is unable to cancel them now. Normally, it takes 35-40 business days (not include the weekends) for the order to be delivered to your address. Could I ask you to wait a few more days with your patience?

However, if you do not receive your order by Feb 15, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll assist you further.

Highly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Thank you.

Gracias por comprar en FocalPrice, ¿qué piensas de nuestros productos?‏ Gracias por comprar en FocalPrice, ¿qué piensas de nuestros productos? Focalprice (info12@focalprice.com) Agregar a contactos 03:02 a.m. Conservar este mensaje en la parte superior de la bandeja de entrada Para: enio66 info12@focalprice.com De:    Focalprice (info12@focalprice.com) Enviado:    domingo, 08 de febrero de 2015 03:02:17 a.m. Para:    enio66 (eniobravo@hotmail.com) No se pueden ver las imágenes?Ver en el el navegador Focalprice    Últimas novedades Los más vendidos Trato diario Despacho Center Mi Cuenta Querido enio66, Gracias por la compra de Focalprice.com!Le invitamos a revisar los artículos que usted pidió.Usted obtendrá puntos de recompensa después de cada revisión pasar la aprobación de nuestro Servicio de Atención al Cliente.Con xxx0xxxx Puntos Focales, Puede Canjee puntos por regalos o Cambie a la cupón. Sus pensamientos sobre nuestros productos es importante ya que ayuda a mejorar aún más nuestra calidad de servicio. Productos de espera para la revisión:    MK0273L Focalprice equipo de servicio al cliente El mejor precio, envío libre! Focalprice.com ustedes me piden que comente algo de mis telefonos que ustedes me enviaron a bolivia que les pasa trabajen y envien mis telefonos a veneziuela por favor

Thanks for shopping at FocalPrice, what do you think of our products? Thanks for shopping at FocalPrice, what do you think of our products? Focalprice ( info12@focalprice.com ) Add to Contacts 3:02 a.m. Keep this message at the top of the inbox To: enio66 info12@focalprice.com From: Focalprice ( info12@focalprice.com ) Posted: Sunday, August February 2015 3:02:17 AM To: enio66 ( eniobravo@hotmail.com ) Can not view pictures See the Focalprice browser Bestsellers New Arrivals Daily Deal Dispatch Center My Account enio66 Dear, Thanks for the? Focalprice.com purchase! We invite you to review the items you pidió.Usted get reward points after each revision spend the approval of our Service Cliente.Con xxx0xxxx Focal Points, Can Redeem points for gifts or Switch to the coupon. Your thoughts about our products is important because it helps improve our quality of service further. Products Waiting for review: MK0273L Focalprice customer service team Best Price, Free Shipping! Focalprice.com you ask me to comment on some of my phones that you sent me to Bolivia happens to work and send my phone to veneziuela please

I inform you that this order it and have received FPTZFKZIFS3Q FPTZFK8F5LO1 and FPTZFKP5F59Z ok

Order FPTZFKP5F59Z this phone is working very well here in Venezuela .....

I thank you to fix my problem and FPTZFKYCBZ1L RS194128876NL for I see that does not move from Bolivia ok ......

and I remind you not to do any RMA Do it for my paraeso are customer care and hope a speedy solution focalprice ok ......

also reactivate my count eniobravo@hotmail.com please


les informo que estos pedido ya lo he recibido FPTZFKZIFS3Q FPTZFK8F5LO1 y   FPTZFKP5F59Z ok

el pedido FPTZFKP5F59Z este celular esta trabajando muy bien aqui en venezuela.....

les agradezco que arreglen ya mi problema FPTZFKYCBZ1L   RS194128876NL pues veo que no se mueve de bolivia ok ......

y les recuerdo a ustedes no se hacer ningun RMA hagalo por mi paraeso son atencion al cliente y espero una pronta solucion de focalprice ok......

tambien reactiven mi cuente eniobravo@hotmail.com por favor


Reply 6# eniobravo post

hi, eniobravo, glad to hear that you have got other orders and hope you like it.

Regarding your FPTZFKYCBZ1L, shall we resend it to you or issue a refund to your account first?

However, if you receive the *** package later, please kindly refuse it, inform us to cancel the coupon or repay the money to us at our PayPal account:focalprice@gmail.com.

Your understanding will be appreciated and we’re looking forward to hear from you A.S.A.P.

Have a nice day!

this request RS194133085NL are here in Venezuela at the office and I have cited for tomorrow morning to withdraw that request in IPOSTEL no administrative procedure should COMPLY before they are these ok. paqueteria Service ready for shipment and distribution under the strictest control for goods, samples or other objects, national and international destination.   Commit (National and International) Safety, comfort and economy are the guarantees that we offer for transport and distribution of documents and / or merchandise, with a maximum weight of 30 Kg. NOTES: 1) The schedule Recoconocimiento shipments, 8:30 am 11:30 A.M and 1:30 P.M: At 3:30 P.M. 2) For the removal of lumps Postcards must be previously canceled import duties caused, to be determined in the act of recognition, pursuant to the provisions of the Customs Law and its Regulations. 3) Upon expiration of the 90 days mentioned in the card issuance notice of arrival, in the case of no show the recipient to withdraw your submission, it will be returned to the country of origin, as stipulated in the Organic Regulations mail. Eligibility Requirements for Post Retirement Packages Natural Person: A (01) A photocopy of the Identity Card Stamp Tax of 0.25 (U.T.) A (01) A (01) Postal Stamp Rs 0.9 A (01) A (01) Photocopy of RIF (Indispensable)

and I sent my order RS194128876NL to Venezuela because I read it and follow every day and I see this in Bolivia and there has not moved from 21/01 please i need my new tracking number for my new order please have more 15 days claiming this problem and I see no solution by focalprice

Reply 8# eniobravo post

hi, friend, we have created an RMA order for your request and the order NO is FPRZU6OKPI0F.

Kindly let me know if you need any further assistance.

Have a nice day!

send me the tracking number for this order FPRZU6OKPI0F. my e eniobravo@hotmail.com

enviame el numero de seguimiento de este pedido FPRZU6OKPI0F. a mi correo eniobravo@hotmail.com gracias