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Back up Photos from Samsung Galaxy S7 to a PC [Copy the Link]

Like any electronic gadgets, you may lose the access to the photos on your Samsung Galaxy S7, for example, the phone gets lost or broken, SD card goes bad, etc. So you should backup your precious photos to avoid data loss.  

MobileGo is one way to do just that. It enables you to backup all the photos from Samsung Galaxy S7 to computer easily. Once the photos are gone on your phone,  you can restore them with one-click.


If you want to transfer your data from samsung phone to computer .Samsung Backup is one of the best mobile transfer tools, which you are allowed to transfer photos,contacts, messages,and videos from Android to computer.
How to backup Samsung photos on computer
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To Back up Photos from Samsung Galaxy S7 to a PC,  we can use usb cable in MTP mode in most situations. But not all situations are suitable. The easiest way is using Samsung mobile manager tool. After connecting it to computer via usb cable, the tool will scan out all photos, then we can transfer them to computer directly.