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What is wrong with Focalprice?????????? [Copy the Link]

It take ages to log in on your website "www.focalprice.com ",  in the past there was no problem but the last year and/or even earlier it is a big problem.
Then there is text but then ..it is an endles loading of pictures but  never succeed. It is  only an continue circling of circles and never complet.
I have tried different browsers Chrome/Firefox/ Explorer on different PC WIN XP and WIN 7
I ask colleagues and family and they have/see the same problems

Other sites for instance Banggood/ Dealextreme/ Ebay/ and so on absolutely
no problems

The last time I made an order "22 march 2015" I thought, there were no problems
I can not imagine that I'm the only so what is wrong?
(I'm in the netherlands)