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How to Import .VCF Contacts to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 [Copy the Link]

"My HTC M9 was stolen last night in the subway, all my data stored on the phone were gone, fortunately, I have been synced my contacts with Gmail and Yahoo, so I can export some of my contacts from Gmail and Yahoo to my computer as .VCF file, however, I don't know how to import these .VCF file to my new phone, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, even using the Smart Switch. Anyone who can help please? Thanks in advance!"

Are you looking for a simple way to transfer your Vcard or .VCF contacts to the new Galaxy Note 7? Well, why not try to use the Android Data Manager.

Android Data Manager is the all-in-one data transfer and management program which provides the most complete and professional solutions for Android and even iOS users to backup, restore, transfer, delete and manage any data on your PC with ease. So, with the help of this tool, you are allowed to easily import .vcf Contacts to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in a click.

You can read the video guide here:
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Samsung Data Manager enables you to backup, restore, transfer and delete data from any of your Samsung Galaxy devices with ease. So, with the helps to this tool, you can easily transfer, manage and backup everything on your Samsung Galaxy Note 7, even import .vcf contacts to Samsung Galaxy Note 7.
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