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How to Transfer Contacts from LG G2/G3/G4 to G5 [Copy the Link]

The LG G5's modular party pieces are yet to be fully realized, but away from that you've got a supremely solid flagship smartphone - if only the battery was a bit better.
The LG G5 is a massive change of pace for the South Korean firm. It's done away with the cheap plastic and confusing leather finishes of the LG G4 in favor of a full metal body, while keeping fan-favorite features like a removable battery and microSD card.

That's a big deal, because Samsung disappointed a vocal minority when it ditched its swappable battery and expandable storage hallmarks for the Galaxy S6, although it realized the errors of its way as it reinstated microSD support in the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge a year later.

How to Transfer Data Contacts, videos, photos, messages, calendar, music, notes, call logs from old LG G1/2/3/4 to LG G5?

Method to Transfer Data Contacts from LG to LG G5:

There are many mobile transfer software in the market, which features in transferring data between Android, iOS and Symbian system. And this Android Data Transfer tool would be your best choice. You can easily transfer important data from old LG G1/2/3/4 to LG G5, or transfer contacts, videos, photos, messages, calendar from an old samsung, lg, htc, zte, sony, motorola to new LG G5.

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How to Transfer Contacts from LG G2/G3/G4 to G5?

How to Transfer Data Contacts from LG to LG G5

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Mobile Transfer is the all-in-one data transfer and management tool which not only allows you transfer data from phone to phone, also enables you backup and restore your phone data. So, you can esaily transfer data from old LG to LG G5 with this tool.

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