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How to Put Music on Samsung Galaxy Note 7? [Copy the Link]

When you get a new Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you must be eager to put your favorite music & songs to it for enjoying anytime. In this situation, MobileGo helps you to transfer MP3, M4A, WMA, AIFF, FLAC, etc. from computer to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 directly.


Moreover, it can help you:
> Sync iTunes music & songs to Galaxy Note 7
> Transfer Movies & Photos to Galaxy Note 7
> Backup & Restore for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

How to use Samsung Galaxy Backup software to backup Samsung galaxy note 7 music ? You can download and install Samsung Galaxy Backup on computer. Connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with computer via USB cable. You can preview and transfer data from samsung to computer .Tips : If it was your first time connecting samsung to your PC, you need to install USB drivers for the Note 7 on your PC .
How to transfer Samsung galaxy music to computer