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Aoson M1013 [Copy the Link]

I was wondering if there is any Aoson M1013 owner out there who could tell me if there's any way to check if your tablet is recharging?
Cause I received mine just now and I'm unable to power up the tablet, despite having the charger plugged into the tablet. Was wondering whether it's the tablet or the charger that is malfunctioning.
Also, I don't suppose the tablet supports USB charging?
Haven't tried using a regular phone charger cause of the unconfirmed fact, but perhaps someone will prove me wrong.

Thanks in advance!

Reply 1# Aerione post

I greatly appreciate you bringing this to our attention!

In order to solve your problem better, more information about this tablet are required. We sent an email to your mailbox. Would you please check and reply us there with required information? We'll solve the problem as soon as we can.

Thank you.