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Transfer Data from old iPhone to LG G5 [Copy the Link]

As we know, transfer files between two different platforms is not easy like iPhone to Android phone. But with MobileTrans, it is no longer a problem.

All the contacts, messages, photos, videos and more can be transferred from iPhone to LG G5 with a single click. If you don’t use your old iPhone any more, the program will erase it completely for recycle.  

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With such mobile transfer tool, Transferring Data from old iPhone to LG G5 is becoming easy. Just connect the two devices to the computer, and you are free to share files between two devices at ease.
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To transfer contacts between iPhone and lg, you can use a mobile transfer app to help, that's the easiest way, you just need to connect your iphone and lg to computer at the same time, and use the app to transfer data between them. Remember set the source position and destination position, here you should set iphone in the source position.
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As I know Phone to Phone Transfer can easily and fast do this complicated work.
If you want to transfer data from iPhone to Android, it will help you a lot.

Mobile Transfer is the all-in-one data transfer and management tool which not only allows you transfer data from phone to phone, also enables you backup and restore your phone Data. So, you can esaily transfer data from iPhone to LG G5 with this tool.

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