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Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to Computer [Copy the Link]

Now many smartphones have at least one camera, we’re taking more photos than ever. The downside is that these photos, collectively over time, take up a lot of rooms. Throw in videos you’ll easily fill up a 64GB Samsung Galaxy Note 7.


With this MobileGo, you can easily transfer photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to your computer. It will not only free up space, but you can keep them safely for future viewing. Also you can put these photos onto your Samsung some days.

After we connect Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to computer via USB Cable, we can check some photos from computer, but we can't check or transfer all photos to computer. To Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to Computer, we need use Samsung data manager program, which allows us get access to all photos and export them to computer.
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Thanks to Samsung Backup, you are able to transfer photos from Samsung galaxy and save them to computer without any quality loss. Not only photos, but also contacts, videos, messages,call history and more can be transferred easily by this tool.