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Missed place user manual [Copy the Link]

Can anyone tell me the the default pin for locking the mobile. I expect it was on the user guide which i missed placed. I am not locked out of my mobile but would like to enable the phone lock and change the pin. A link to the manual would be great

Can anyone help me I made and order and I still don't get anything I even was charged express shipping and now is more than 25 days and nothing. If I email them the email gets back to me fail many times sorry to use your but I need help

Reply 2# esme12 post

hi, friend, It certainly sounds like you’ve run into a frustrating situation that your order status is still in paid& unpack status, especially when you wanted to get it as quickly as possible, paying for Express shipping to do so.  I’d be happy to look into this a bit more for you.

Using the email address you registered with the forum, I saw some items in your order FPTZAPK7BEX0 are out of stock now. System shows it will be restocked within 7 days.Will you kindly please wait for 3- 7 days or shall we send the avilable items out firstly?

Our products are very popular and moving very fast with competitive price and therefore there's a high turnover that results in large and frequent fluctuations in our inventory. Sorry for the inconvenience has caused you.

Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated.

Best wishes