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Cute and colorful plush doll [Copy the Link]


SKU: YF0086O

Product Link

Price: $4.49

Okay, I know that some of you thought some of the other gift suggestions were more on the creepy side than cute - well then, how about this little guy? They say he is bee shaped, but if you ask me, it is more of a butterfly, if anything. Either way, he is actually cute and falls under $5 USD, so he is also affordable. If you have someone in your family who enjoys cute things like this, especially kids, it would make a great gift to put a smile on their face for a meager amount.


Its veru cute I like that plush but I am looking for a tortoise
Sasha Plush Dolls as Countries

Too cute i want to buy this for my baby to gift her at this Halloween is there any other toys? from where i can get some ideas to gift her. She is so much picky. I want to surprise her with some eye catching gifts. I have also bought some accessories for her through Halloween promo codes. Hope she would like that accessories. I need to know see more toys & their rates.

I saw on the internet and I really want to get all 7 of them for my nephew for her birthday but I couldn't find it anywhere... Discount Offers here's the link to what I've been talking about. if there's any link to where I can purchase it, please let me know.

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